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Colleen P TestimonialThe Investment Current team has created a community where their leaders and members support, educate, encourage and mentor each other.  I’ve learned so much just by sitting in the room listening to both beginner and advanced level members….talks on global events,  economic policies, evolving industries….all of this affects the markets.  I’m astounded how much I’ve learned.  Regardless of your starting knowledge base or investment level, Investment Current wants their members to succeed…. not only become financially independent, but to thrive.

~Dr. Colleen P

Ronnie T TestimonialFrom a beginner to now almost a year into this trading journey, the entire staff at Investment Current has been supportive and encouraging every step of the way. The trade room provides top level insight and support that every trader can utilize to navigate through even the most difficult periods. It provides a interactive format to discuss anything pertinent to it’s members, both personally and professionally. I would highly encourage any trader, from a novice to a professional, to sign on for the trial, you will not be disappointed!

~Ronnie T

Helen C TestimonialWhat truly sets Investment Current apart is their emphasis on hands-on experience and community support. The combination of options trading strategy training followed by live trading in community webrooms is exceptional. The community of teachers and peers is incredibly supportive, regardless of your experience level. It’s easy to get your questions answered and learn from the wealth of experience shared by fellow traders. You are never alone!

~Helen C

David S TestimonialI am using the Investment Current Trading Trading Room as a workshop supplement to the Trading classes. Truly, there are not enough superlatives to express how terrific the experience is. With Mitch’s leadership, there is a community of like- minded people who make and discuss trades and help each other succeed. Mitch has laid out a clearly defined set of rules that allow for teaching, learning and discussion that enhances the experience. I highly recommend spending some time in the room each Trading day.
~David S

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