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Options Trading Self-Assessment

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Self Assessment Quiz

Have you ever traded Options before?
Have you taken any formal courses or read books on options trading?
What are stock options?
What are the potential risks and rewards associated with options trading?
What is the difference between investing and trading?
What is the difference between a Call option and a Put option?
What is a strike price?
What is implied volatility in options trading?
What is a risk management strategy?
check all that apply
What is the option assignment process?
What are American Options?
What is Delta used for?
check all that apply
What does BTO mean as related to options?
What is different between the SPX and the SPY?
check all that apply
Can you have a position with both a short put and a long put for the same strike and the same expiration?
Stock ABC is trading for $76. Which option is ITM?
Implied Volatility (IV) could be considered as:
What is an Option Chain?
Which options could profit from a rise in the underlying price:
What is an Undefined Risk Strategy?
Does an option buyer have to exercise his option?
When you buy an option, you are:
What does ATM mean concerning options?
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