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Investment Current Trading Mastery

The Mastery Course weaves together all the Investment Current intra-day trading concepts and layers them to provide a deeper understanding of our trading strategies. 

This course assumes you already have a solid understanding of the concepts taught in our previous courses.

The highest probability trades are the ones where the concepts from Naked Trading, the IC Trading Method, our Proprietary Indicators, and your personal Trade Plan align.

In this course, you will


Review trade examples, discuss momentum and candlestick patterns, along with other concepts to improve your edge.


Enhance your long-term success by reinforcing your knowledge of what constitutes an A+ trade, when to enter, when to take partial profit, and finally, when to exit.


Learn how to become a more consistent trader by having the patience to wait for the best opportunities.


Review, review, review. You can revisit each of the lessons as often as you like during the year.

This course includes:

  • 12 in-depth lessons with videos, key take-aways, quizzes, and homework
  • Access to the IC live trading room (open 9am – 4:30pm EDT every day the market is open) and to the complete daily recordings for the previous 7 days*
  • One Full Year of
    •  The ability for you to review all lessons as often as you wish
    • Access to our weekly Faculty Office Hours – a comprehensive question and answer format presented by our trading experts. The sessions air live via Zoom one evening each week, and are recorded for review and/or for those who cannot attend.
    •  Access to our members-only chat rooms which are available 24/7
*with Trade Room subscription, purchased separately

This course will provide you with the tools and techniques you need to
become a master of intra-day options trading

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The IC Naked Trading course is a prerequisite for this course.