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The Investment Current Trading Method

The Investment Current Trading Method is the culmination of years of studying, testing, and ongoing refining of various intraday options trades.

This proprietary method is specifically designed for traders who are looking for high-return, low-risk trading strategies.

It comprises one of the most complete and successful methods of pattern day trading.

Why Intra-day Options Trading?

Reduced Time Decay Risk

The time decay risk of an option contract decreases as the expiration date approaches. With intra-day trading, this risk is reduced, which means that traders can focus solely on the directional movement of the underlying asset.

Greater Flexibility

Intra-day trading allows traders to take advantage of short-term market movements and react quickly to changes in market conditions. This strategy is particularly useful for traders who prefer to take a more active approach to trading.

Lower Capital Requirements

Since intra-day trades are short-term and have a limited time frame, they require less capital than longer-term trades. This makes them accessible to traders with smaller trading accounts.

Potentially High Returns

Intra-day trading offers the potential for high returns, as the price of an option can change rapidly.

In this course, you will learn what you need to feel confident with intra-day options trading

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We provide step-by-step guidance, practical examples, and real-time support
as you master these powerful trading skills:


How to identify profitable opportunities in the market


How to execute advanced trades with precision and confidence


How to use our proprietary indicators as “guardrails” to minimize risk


How to create a trade plan that works for you (including examples) 


How to manage your risk effectively and maximize your returns


How to develop a trader’s mindset to minimize emotional trading


How to safely learn to trade with “paper money” before transitioning to real money


How to use advanced techniques and strategies to take your trading to the next level

These 15 lessons will teach you the proven strategies we use to successfully trade the options market.
Each of them is reinforced in our live trade room and our faculty office hours.

This course gives you ALL of the following:

  • 15 lessons (16 videos) with key takeaways, quizzes, and homework
  • The ability for you to review all lessons as often as you wish
  • Access to the IC live trading room (open 9am – 4:30pm EDT every day the market is open) and to the complete daily recordings for the previous 7 days*
  • One full year of:
    • Access to our members-only chat rooms which are available 24/7
    • Continuous access to new and updated options trading strategies
    • Use of our proprietary indicators (created to be used on your subscription to TradingView Pro, which is required)
    • Live and recorded access to our Faculty Office Hours – a comprehensive question and answer format presented by our trading experts. The sessions air live via Zoom one evening each week, and are recorded for review or for those who cannot attend.
*with Trade Room subscription, purchased separately

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The Investment Current Intro Course is a prerequisite for this course.