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TraderSync Overview


How to Set Up Synchronized Updates to TraderSync

Video Instructions

Written Instructions

To access the instructions:

  • Login into TraderSync
  • Click on “Add Trades”
  • Click on “Synchronize” on the left menu
  • Type the name of your Broker/Exchange/Trading Application to select such
  • Instructions will show up on the right-hand side


If the Broker / Exchange / Trading application is not on the synchronization list, then click on “Import” on Step 3 instead of on “Synchronization” then follow the steps provided above.

The difference is that the synchronization tap is for TraderSync to connect to the broker and pull the trades and the import tab is to import trades via CSV from the broker.

Most brokers are supported via CSV, the ones we can currently sync are: and the ones with a check mark under the auto-sync header.

Because the instructions might differ from time to time depending on broker updates, we do not have them as PDFs, but they are constantly being updated on the website as shown above.